Retrotector Online - Web Services API (SOAP)


Batchelor supports the SOAP protocol and have been successful integrated with PHP and Java service consumers (client applications).

The SOAP interface consists of methods for:

The interface was developed using Java JAX-WS to ensure conformance to relevant standards. The SOAP API of Batchelor has been tested to work with various SOAP frameworks in different languages (like Java and PHP)


Using WSDL:

Use the WSDL describing the SOAP service with your favourite SOAP framework to generate code (stub methods) to connect your application to the Batchelor SOAP service.

The Java library:

You can download the client side Java (tm) library batchelor-java. The library is fully documented using javadoc comments.


Using the batchelor-java library is as simple as:


class Client {

    private BatchelorSoapClient service;

    Client(URL url) {
        service = new BatchelorSoapClient(url);  // Use WSDL as URL.

    // ... methods calling service.XXX()


Method description:

This section documents the various methods and their purpose. For those using the batchelor-java library, its better to read the Javadoc API documentation.

Running jobs:

Monitor jobs:

Reading results:

The in and out types of each method can be read on the SOAP types page.

Optimizing WSDL:

The WSDL is generated dynamic by default from source/ws/schema/wsdl/batchelor.wsdl by substituting the soap:address location and the SOAP type schema location (a split WSDL). The dynamic generation can be disabled by putting a pre-parsed version of batchelor.wsdl named batchelor.wsdl.cache under source/ws/schema/wsdl/. If it exist, then its sent "as is".


The SOAP service can be tested by using the web service utility. Run the utility like this to dump the queue sorted on job ID:

bash$> cd utils
bash$> php ws.php --type=soap --func=queue --params='sort=jobid'

This command shows the available remote methods (attach -v to also see the method argument types):

bash$> php ws.php --type=soap -d

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